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Mid-Atlantic Loonion - Fall 2000




The Mid-Atlantic Fall Loonion for 2000 is history. Mark R and QuickCarl arrived Friday evening after a day in Gettysburg. Wendy arrived early Saturday morning. She took a side trip to Valley Forge on her way to the Loonion. Jay came and then Wendy went out to her car and came back with Sandy L. We still want to know whether Wendy held Sandy L prisoner in her trunk. We told her to go out and get Joette, but Joette was standing at the back door waiting to come in. Shortly thereafter Tim Williams arrived with his family, Patty, Tim II and Rachel.

View of the Autumn Leaves from our front porch

Heidi wants to know when everyone is coming

We looked at videos and passed photos around. You will never guess the subject areas of the videos and photos. We also told some stories of our adventures at Yellowstone.

Looking at pictures of Yellowstone

Looking at pictures of Yellowstone

Looking at pictures of Yellowstone

We had lunch and then went to the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania at Speedwell Forge. It was a very interesting trip. They currently are home to 4 breeds of wolves, including two Arctic Wolves. They said they used to take in hybrids, but now have only purebred wolves. The hybrids get too mean and they can not be controlled.

We went back to the house, taking the scenic tour from the sanctuary through the Middle Creek Waterfowl Management Area. Jay had prior commitments, so he went home directly from the sanctuary. We were too early to see the whitetail deer, but we did encounter a "bear" jam. It really was a group of people looking at an osprey or bald eagle. They had their spotting scopes and were parked along side of the road, just as they do in Yellowstone. Since noone thought to bring their spotting scopes, we passed up this opportunity.

One of the wolves at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

Another wolf at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

The den site at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

Another wolf at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

One more wolf at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

I really like this picture at the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

We arrived back at the house and had dinner. Joette had to leave so she missed the discussion about how we will save Yellowstone. After dinner we went outside and a very enlightening discussion by the campfire. Tim Williams and family had to leave early, so they missed the solutions to all of the problems in Yellowstone. It was getting late so Sandy L had to leave before her children sent the police to save her.

We then called it night. Wendy went to her tent and the rest of us retired to the house. Mark R and QuickCarl had to leave early in the morning as no seats were available in the later flights. They said they were going to get up at 3:00 AM. I thought you only did that when you were in Yellowstone and were trying to see the Druids in the morning.

Sunday morning, the only ones left were Deb and I and Wendy. There was an article in the Sunday paper about a black bear harrassing people at Hawk Mountain which is about an hour from our house. Wendy decided to take that route back home. Unfortunately Deb and I were unable to go along. I thought it was a great local Loonion and am looking forward to another in the spring.

Group picture at the Mid-Atlanic Fall Loonion
Jay is missing from this picture

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