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Mid-Atlantic Loonion - Fall 2001




The Central PA Loonion for 2001 is now history. PeggyB made the trip from Texas and she arrived early. I received a call from Peggy B on Thursday morning. She said she was on the road. She spent the first day touring the Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster County. Peggy B, Heidi and I took a tour of Gettysburg on Friday.

"Peace Eternal in a Nation United"
Peace Light memorial at Gettysburg NMP

Artillary along Seminary Ridge
at Gettysburg NMP

View from Little Round Top
at Gettysburg NMP

Heidi patiently waiting near
Observation Tower on Oak Ridge

The Loonion officially started on Saturday. Wendy, Carl and Mark R, Carol from NC, Tim Williams and Rachel, Sandy L and Shining Aspen arrived throughout the morning. Where was Joette? She arrived late and has a story which I will let her tell.

We talked about Glacier . . . . I mean Yellowstone until it was time for lunch consisting of burgers and hotdogs on toasted buns accompanied with Roosevelt Baked Beans, salad and chips.

Talking about Yellowstone during lunch

Talking about Yellowstone during lunch

Talking about Yellowstone during lunch

Looking at the Web Cams

Joette, Deb and Wendy

After lunch we headed out to the Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve. It was very pretty and just past peak around here. The drive out to the wolf preserve was beautiful. So were the wolves. The folks at this preserve really work hard trying to give a natural life to wolves that cannot be returned to the wild. Most are confiscated pets. It is a large old farm with a big redstone house and barn and several decaying outbuildings.

In the back is a huge fenced enclosure surrounding a wooded area. In this are are two small "packs" that are kept separate. There are several other wolves in smaller pens which cannot be in with the group for one reason or another. The cameras were out as we went around the enclosures. We had a great time there but the visit had to come to an end. We had a hard time getting Yelloweyes to leave.

Black wolf at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

Three wolves at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

Watching the Loons at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

Wolves lying in the shade at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

A different pack at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

Another wolf at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

Watching the Loons at the
Pennsylvania Wolf Preserve

On the way back to the house we stopped to take pictures of a large maple tree in full color. The owners came out and showed us pictures from prior years. Then we drove back by the local wildlife management area and saw hundreds of Canadian geese covering a hillside and several deer. A mile from the house we stopped by a dairy farm to watch the sunset. I told Wendy (jokingly) that she should walk from here. Well, Wendy, Sandy, Deb, Peggy and Tim W ended up walking back. Back at the house we had dinner and then sat by the campfire for a couple of hours. We then went into the house and watched Peggy's bear video, which was GREAT. Tim W then showed his video from Loonion 2000 and the pesentations to John.

Large Maple Tree in full fall color

It was getting late and Tim and Rachel, Sandy L and Shining Aspen said their goodbyes and left. The rest of us retired for the night. Wendy brought her tent and actually camped while the rest of us Kamped in the house.

On Sunday morning we went to the Middle Creek Waterfowl Management Area and hiked the Willow Point Nature Trail and the Mill Stone Trail. We saw one of the millstones but an "Amish" family was using it for a picnic table so we did not get pictures. There were a lot of Amish at Middle Creek on Sunday.

Sunrise from our front porch

White Egret at the Middle Creek WMA

Resting Comerant at the Middle Creek WMA

Trees along the Willow Point Nature Trail

Blue Heron and other waterfowl

View from the ridge on the Mill Stone Trail

Red-Tailed Hawk

Carl and Mark R, Carol from NC and Wendy had to leave so our group got even smaller. Joette and Peggy B went looking for more covered bridges. Peggy B has some great pictures of that bridge.

Joette and Peggy B left on Monday and toured Philadelphia. They had a VERY interesting experience.

It is now time to start planning for next year.

Group picture at the Mid-Atlanic Fall Loonion

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