Yellowstone Trip
September 1995

We had a fire in 1998 in which we lost almost everything. One of the items we were able to "salvage" was a photo album of our September, 1995 trip to Yellowstone. The photos were in very bad shape, but we washed and dried them and were able to salvage most of them.

We lost all of our notes, so we were unable to publish a "normal" trip report. We decided instead, to publish a pictorial trip report. These pictures have not been culled. There are some good photos as well as some that should be filed in the circular file. We have published all of them as it is our permanent record. We labeled these pictures from memory. If you find any that have been labeled incorrectly, please let me know.

I have tried to categorize the major attractions. They will, for the most part, be on a page by themselves. In doing this, I ended up with many smaller pages of photos taken between the major attractions.

The trip report really unfolds on the individual pages, not on this index page. I hope you enjoy our trip as much as we did.

Saturday, September 16, 1995

  Page 01 -- Jackson Hole Airport to Lake Hotel, Tetons

Sunday, September 17, 1995

  Page 02 -- Lake Hotel to Mud Volcano Area, Le Hardy Rapids

  Page 03 -- Mud Volcano Area

  Page 04 -- Mud Volcano Area to Canyon Area

  Page 05 -- Canyon Area - South Rim

  Page 06 -- Canyon Area - Upper Falls

  Page 07 -- Firehole Canyon Drive, Fountain Paint Pot Area

  Page 08 -- Firehole Lake Drive, Midway Geyser Basin

Monday, September 18, 1995

  Page 09 -- Lake Hotel to Tower Falls, Washburn Hot Springs Overlook

  Page 10 -- Tower Falls Area

  Page 11 -- Calcite Springs Overlook

  Page 12 -- Petrified Tree, Wraith Falls, Undine Falls

  Page 13 -- Mammoth and North Entrance

Tuesday, September 19, 1995

  Page 14 -- Lake Hotel to Canyon Area

  Page 15 -- Canyon Area - North Rim

  Page 16 -- Mammoth Terraces - Minerva Terrace

  Page 17 -- Mammoth Terraces - Jupiter Terrace, Liberty Cap

  Page 18 -- Mammoth Terraces - Canary Spring

  Page 19 -- Mammoth Terraces - Upper Terrace Drive

  Page 20 -- Sheepeater Cliffs to Lake Junction

  Page 21 -- East Entrance Road

Wednesday, September 20, 1995

  Page 22 -- West Thumb Geyser Basin

  Page 23 -- Lewis Falls, Moose Falls

  Page 24 -- Tetons from Jackson Lake, Signal Mountain

  Page 25 -- Jenny Lake, Jackson Lake Junction, Ox Bow Bend

  Page 26 -- Tetons at Sunset

Thursday, September 21, 1995

  Page 27 -- Lake Hotel to Old Faithful Area, Kepler Cascades

  Page 28 -- An eruption of Old Faithful

  Page 29 -- Another eruption of Old Faithful

  Page 30 -- Old Faithful Inn

  Page 31 -- Black Sand Basin

  Page 32 -- Biscuit Basin

  Page 33 -- Upper Geyser Basin, Lion Geyser

  Page 34 -- Upper Geyser Basin

  Page 35 -- Upper Geyser Basin - Castle Geyser

Friday, September 22, 1995

  Page 36 -- Hike to Grebe Lake

Saturday, September 23, 1995

  Page 37 -- Lake Hotel to Mud Volcano Area

  Page 38 -- Mud Volcano Area to Norris Geyser Basin

  Page 39 -- Norris Geyser Basin - Echinus Geyser

  Page 40 -- Norris Geyser Basin - North Basin Trail to Vixen Geyser

  Page 41 -- Norris Geyser Basin - North Basin Trail from Veteran Geyser

  Page 42 -- Norris Geyser Basin - Porcelain Basin

Sunday, September 24, 1995

  Page 43 -- Lake Hotel to Jackson Hole Airport, Tetons

  Page 44 -- Wind River Range, Bear Lake, Great Salt Lake

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