Yellowstone Trip
September 1995

While we were at the Sulphur Cauldron, we saw a pair of bald eagles flying around. They later landed in some pines across the river. We also saw another raven at the parking area and some Canada Geese in the river.

After we left Sulphur Cauldron, we drove through Hayden Valley. We saw a lone bison near the Yellowstone. There were lots of Canada Geese and ducks (we couldn't tell what kind) in the river. Some sort of raptor flew overhead. It flew like a red-tail hawk, but it wasn't one.

Just as we crested a hill, we saw a pelican down in a bend in the Yellowstone. We stopped to take several pictures.

As we drove, we saw bison everywhere, herds averaging 20 - 40 animals. Lewis saw an otter, but it disappeared before we could get a picture.

All along hte river we saw Canada Geese and ducks, plus bison all over the valley. We saw another raptor, definately a red-tail hawk, or the western equivalent.

Just before Otter Creek, we saw a bunch of people pulled over. Up a hill across from the river was a cow moose. She munched her way across the hill.


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